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Cultivating landscapes since 1987, Chop Ching Hin Pte Ltd has been a cornerstone in Singapore's landscaping industry. Our commitment extends beyond supplying softscapes, trees, hardscapes, and gardening essentials; we're dedicated to transforming visions into verdant realities. With an unparalleled array of plant cultivars and a continuous introduction of new species, we enrich local landscapes with every project.

Our competitive edge lies in our extensive land holdings, with nurseries strategically located in Malaysia, India, and Thailand. This enables us to pre-grow all your landscaping requirements, minimizing your manpower needs and accommodating your growing demands.

Beyond borders, we export our quality products worldwide, ensuring landscapes flourish wherever they're planted.


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Our Vision

Our Vision is to rejuvenate our planet by bringing back its green vitality. We go beyond borders, exporting our passion for landscaping to every corner of the globe, enriching communities with the beauty and life force of nature. Our goal is to cultivate landscapes that not only nurture the soul but also leave a lasting legacy of beauty and sustainability for generations to come.

Our Services

As pioneers in the industry for 30 years, we prioritize close collaboration with all our clients and partners. Our aim is to meet your project needs while helping you to minimize your manpower and staying within your project budget. We have worked on Government, Commercial and Residential Landscaping Projects.

Patented Soil-less Grass Rolls

For three decades, cultivating lush green lawns has been our expertise. As Singapore's leading grass supplier, we're excited to introduce our latest innovation: the Soil-Less Grass Roll. From Thai grass to cow grass rolls, we offer a variety of options to support your project demands and ensure the perfect green landscape. Contact us for wholesale rates!

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