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We're Singapore's premier landscape supplier, offering a wide range to meet your needs. With over 30 years in the industry, we boast quality service and products, proudly operating nurseries in Malaysia, Thailand, and India.

We provide competitive pricing on all landscape project essentials, including softscapes, hardscapes, grasses, and trees.

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Pregrowing for Landscaping Projects

With nurseries strategically located in Malaysia, Thailand, and India, we offer pre-grown solutions for your landscaping projects. Let us support your demands while minimizing your manpower and workload.

Nursery Educational Tour

Explore the vibrant diversity of ornamental plants in our blooming nurseries throughout the seasons. Join us for an educational tour where you'll discover the care needs of various plants, from aroids to air plants and succulents. Enjoy a day immersed in nature and take home your very own pet plant!

Corporate Workshops

Ignite team unity with an unforgettable adventure! Our expansive sanctuary hosts up to 100 members for an exciting bonding day. Explore aroids, create airplant sculptures, or craft succulent masterpieces. Offering tailor-made experiences, our workshop ensures a tranquil retreat from urban hustle, guiding you into the serene embrace of nature.

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