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Chop Ching Hin

Alstonia Scholaris

Alstonia Scholaris


糖胶树, 黑板树

Family Name: Apocynaceae

Synonyms: Echites scholarisAlstonia kurziiTabernaemontana alternifolia,
Acokanthera scholarisEchites pala

Common Names: Indian Pulai, White Cheesewood, Devil Tree, Blackboard Tree,
Milkwood Pine, Dita Bark, Bitter Bark

Height: 2.0 TO 2.5/ 3.0 TO 3.5 METRES OVERALL HEIGHT

Individual flowers lightly-scented, but fully-blooming tree emits strong heady fragrance sometimes described as reminiscent of burnt sugar. Rich source of nectar and pollinated by insects like various types of butterflies and bees, which often surround flowering trees.

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